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The Song "Mojeri Re"

Mo jeri re is a song written and performed by NIKKY ARIYO - OJO featuring Mike Abdul.

The music was produced by the Ace music producer Tosin Paul with a Frizzle n Bizzle direction on the video

The Song "Gbanjo"

This is a classic song about the message of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Nikky expresses this song in it's purest form, explaining that the gospel of Jesus Christ is free and available for everyone no matter who they are or where they are from.

The song "Ololufe"

Nikky Ariyo-Ojo releases the visuals for 'OLOLUFE' track from her old Album. .

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! (Psalms 119 : 103).

The song "Talodabire"

Talodabire means who is there like you? This is such a powerful song about the awesomeness of our God. There is no one like him.

There is no one like you Jesus, there is no one like you Lord.

The Song "Majo Mayo"

Majo Mayo means I will dance and I will rejoice.

This song of celebration is just perfect for thanksgiving. Put on your dancing shoes and dance away your sorrows. God is working everything out in your favor. Amen.

The song "Adara"

Adara was inspired from personal experience, having been told by her doctor that she will not be able to have her own children..

This song aims to encourage those who are looking for the fruit of the womb. The song cuts accross actually our daily challenges as individuals. Dont give up on God and dont give up on yourself. Nikky now has 2 children to the glory of God. Our God is ever faithful..